Long shot of the Punisher in progress. The gun is from the new Demolisher kit, much chopped and modded to fit.

In this shot you can see the lower gun mantlet completely constructed from plasticard with glass beads for rivets. The original mantlet is both much shorter and much wider. Both gun and turret needed a lot of cutting and re-shaping..

Here you can see both the command tank turret side detail and the plastic HB on the bow which was cut from the new Demolisher one and mounted to the original Lascannon drum mount..

Stowage and extra details for character.

Pretty standard Demolisher/Executioner build. Different command model though.

Brass Aquila and steel horseshoe for luck.

The rear stowage areas are lacking in detail on this kit. You can see I added a brass etched blox and a tool tray with in scale stainless steel tools. These will be masked before painting so they keep that bright chrome look..

Eradicator and Tank Commander from the front quarter. Note the Searchlight conversion on the turret side

Top down showing the Nova Cannon

From the side - note the Heavy Flamer Sponson conversion

Rear Quarter to show AA gun position

Other rear quarter showing stowage

The finished Eradicator