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A sample of Pan-Am clients

About virus-free statistics: These mean the client and their staff did not run a virus, worm, trojan-horse, spyware or other unwanted program on the client's network since the date identified. Unwanted software still shows up in e-mail, and may be offered from a web site, but the client's computers did not run it or spread it since the date identified.

Continental Travel Group

Virus-free since: September 2003

Continental Travel Group provides complete travel agency service and is equipped to search for the best travel deals available on the Internet or through traditional CRS.

Pan-Am replaced its aging Windows 98 network with secured Windows 2000 workstations, providing the longest "uptime" of any travel agency in Winnipeg. Pan-Am also replaced their inter-office dedicated data lines to their four branch offices with inexpensive Virtual Private Networking connections, reducing monthly costs to 20% of their original while further improving inter-office reliability. Continental also uses their branch servers to their advantage, eliminating e-mail and domain hosting costs completely.

The Great Canadian Travel Company

Virus-free since: December 2003

The Great Canadian Travel Company and Market Square Tours provide travel services to unique destinations, such as Iceland, Greenland, Nuunavut and the Northwest Territories, in addition to more conventional destinations.

Pan-Am replaced their aging Windows 95 and Windows 98 stations with secured Windows 2000 stations and introduced inter-office connectivity. Pan-Am also provides secondary domain and e-mail hosting for a mere fraction of traditional hosting costs, by leveraging Great Canadian's existing server software and Internet connectivity. Pan-Am can also remotely assist Agents in their Chicago, Illinois office, Travel 333.

Bonaventure Travel Limited

Virus-free since: December 2004

Pan-Am refitted Bonaventure's aging IBM 300PL computers with memory upgrades and Windows XP Professional, taking advantage of XP's built-in safety features, avoiding the cost of new PCs and avoiding the recurring cost of conventional anti-virus software. XP Pro also provides remote desktop access to its home agents, establishing branch offices in remote communities such as Niverville, Manitoba, without losing in-office functionality.

McPhail Travel

Virus-free since: February 2005

Smaller agencies without centralized servers can learn from McPhail Travel's example. Pan-Am refitted its Dell PCs, originally running Windows 98, with Windows XP Professional. They also take advantage of XP's built-in safety features and built-in backup system, avoiding expensive anti-virus software and expensive backup software. A failed computer takes only one hour to replace.

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