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The Anti-Windows Catalog

Prevent computing problems before the fact by using products from Microsoft's Windows Catalog. But if you can't find what you're looking for, try The Anti-Windows Catalog to look for products to avoid.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) E-mail Security Help

If you want to use PGP to send Pan-Am secure e-mail, and we recommend it if you wish to convey proprietary information, we will offer free e-mail support and limited phone support for PGP Freeware for Windows™ and Macintosh™. Pan-Am Internet believes in privacy and authenticity, and is prepared to help you ensure that.

When you write you can use its PGP public key to secure the message.

Anti-Spam (Junk e-mail)

Tired of the spam war? Need to sit back and laugh? Need some honest truth about spam? Check out the ESM Project.

The Pan-Am Dynamic List is a free service that Internet providers and mail administrators can use to reduce the amount of junk e-mail they receive, reducing their costs. PDL's philosophy is not to block e-mail, but rather to direct it through systems that senders already have access to, ensuring good e-mail behaviour and responsibility. PDL was developed by Gordon Fecyk, the creator of the original Orca Dial-up User List in November 1998.

The software provided for use with the PDL also works with the VISI.COM Relay Stop List and has been reported to work with the Spam Prevention Early Warning System as well.

Anti-Virus Help

Stopping virus hysteria is as important as stopping viruses themselves. In the name of stopping both, Pan-Am offers some free help.

Website Promotion

While Pan-Am isn't affiliated with, it is still highly recommended. Robert Woodhead maintains perhaps the most important free resource on the Internet for advertising. Be prepared though - like anything else worth doing, having people visit your site and then turning those visitors into customers takes research, time and hard work.

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