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Pan-Am Dynamic List (PDL) Project Home Page

Welcome to the home page for Pan-Am Internet Services' Dynamic List - a list of home dial-up, home broadband and similar networks. Internet providers and e-mail network administrators use this list of networks to prevent e-mail abuse, more commonly known as spam, originating from people who try to abuse e-mail while not using their own Internet providers' mail system in the process.

Update 08 MAR 2007: The Pan-Am Dynamic List project has outlived its usefulness and has been terminated. Some of you may have noticed that the listings were removed yesterday; this is an attempt to make sure your e-mail filters were cleared of PDL data automatically, but we will continue to maintain a "blank" database until the end of 2007 so you have a chance to remove the PDL from your mail systems.

If you have backups of this data, please do not use it for junk e-mail filtering as it will eventually fall out of date unmaintained.

In the PDL's place, please consider the Spamhaus Policy Block List (PBL) project. Its goals and charter are very similar to the PDL's:

Spamhaus PBL

Its usage is quite different from the PDL's, however, as it's maintained like a normal DNS-based blocking list. You can substitute for pdl.invalid transparently if you were maintaining a local DNS zone built from the PDL.

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